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I Am Looking Private Sex How to hypnotise a girl without her knowing

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How to hypnotise a girl without her knowing

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There is a charm in getting control over someone else and make them do what you want.

Under many situations you may have to hypnotize someone without letting them know that you are doing so. There are different ways that will help you do so and some of them are discussed.

Before you try any of these you must build some rapport with them otherwise it will be a bit difficult. Covert hypnosis or conversational hypnosis is one of the most common method of taking control over others mind.

However, you must remember that while you hypnotize someone you are not taking control over them, but you control their thoughts. You make them believe something that you tell them to be their own thought.

For doing covert hypnosis successfully you need to ensure two things. First the subject must respond to your suggestion and they must have focused attention. Once it is sure you can connect yourself with the unconscious mind of the subject.

Then you will make suggestion and as the subject is completely engrossed in your words they will consider them as their thoughts. Although it will need practice, yet with this procedure you can hypnotize anyone without themselves having the knowledge about the hypnosis. Everybody is bound by some pattern and when there is any change in the patterns their knowimg mind starts thinking over it, making their senses concentrating on.

In the mean time you can use hypnotic command for making them come under your influence. Your email address will not be published.

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