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However, in most countries, public sex is not only considered a public nuisance but can also land you with anything from a fine to a spell behind bars. Public sex in europe some parts of the world, you face a very different prospect. In ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, for example, a man was punished with euripe, lashes and five years in jail simply for talking about sex on the television.

Fortunately, most of Europe has reasonably moderate views on public sex with some, including Denmark, even allowing it in certain places. In this feature, public sex in europe take a look at the public sex rules publkc Denmark as well as those in other European countries and find out just why the Danes like their sex al fresco.

Puvlic sex is a crime in most European public sex in europe under sexual offences acts or indecency laws. In the UK, for example, sex in a public place or where it takes place in private but can be seen by the public is governed by laws on exhibitionism and voyeurism or public displays of sexual behaviour.

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In other parts of Europe, however, the act of public sex has not only been common for some time but is also legal in designated areas. The health and safety of workers can be an expensive concern for companies around the world.

Follow Palko Karasz on Twitter: His Company Is Liable. So, where did we learn the art of bathing? The British public sex in europe a great deal about bathing from the Romans, who turned up on our shores in AD43 armed pubkic cutting edge weaponry and loofahs at the ready.

Not much is known about British bathing habits before this happy event, but the Romans were in no doubt that eurlpe Brits were a mucky lot. Having spent some time in Italy during the Six Nations rugby tournament this year, and been witness to the England vs Italy match, I can confirm that public sex in europe Italians continue to be baffled by this time-honoured Independent escort new orleans custom.

Public bathing continued to be pub,ic across Public sex in europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire C. But, the early Christian Church quickly pulled the plug on the communal soak.

As the Christian faith clamped down on sexual freedoms, attitudes to bathing in the nip changed considerably.

Not only did public bathing involve nudity gasp! Many monks, hermits, and saints saw washing as a sign of vanity and sexual corruption; puboic was synonymous with piety and humility. Early Christian public sex in europe emphasized spiritual cleanliness over physical cleanliness, even viewing the two as inversely proportional; you could literally stink to high heaven. Sex work can be regarded either as a laboral issue or as a moral one.

According to treaties, the EU guarantees freedom of movement for workers and freedom to provide services.